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"Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry
are the go-to resource for everything you need to write,
sell and market your book successfully.
They are not only whip smart and market savvy,
but exceedingly fun to work with."

James A. Levine
Founder & Principal
The Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency

The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published

“A must-have for every aspiring writer.”

Khaled Hosseini, Author of The Kite Runner

The only book a writer needs, now completely revised and updated to reflect the ongoing and unprecedented changes in publishing.

Originally published in 2005 as Putting Your Passion Into Print, this is the book that’s been praised both by industry professionals, bestselling authors and dozens of aspiring authors who have used it to turn their dream of publishing a book into a reality.

This nuts-and-bolts guide demystifies every step of the publishing process.

You’ll find everything you need to know about e-books, self-publishing, blogging, online marketing, the power of Twitter, and more. No matter what type of book you want to write—fiction, nonfiction, humor, romance, cookbook, children’s book—here is how to take an idea you’re passionate about, develop it into a manuscript or proposal, get it published, and deliver it into the heads, hands and hearts of readers.

Includes interviews with dozens of publishing insiders—agents, editors, authors, and booksellers. Real-life success stories and the lessons they impart. Plus sample proposals and query letters, a resource guide, and more.


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